Tech entrepreneur, founder and ​ CEO of Sens Orbit Nigeria and ​Soft Digital Rep. Benin. She is an International Software Development Engineer with reputable records of global Technical and professional experiences. She works as a consultant in the field of software engineering and robotics. She is also an associate lecturer of two (2) prestigious ICT Universities in Republic of Benin. She works with many software firms in Africa in order to help them adopt best practices in software industry. She was the is 2nd Vice-President of the African ICT Foundation, She is a member of Women in Tech Africa, Ambassador at Women Techmakers, Rep. Benin and other Communities that encourage inclusion of women in Technology. She is a trainer on major Google technologies that embed Artificial Intelligence like Dialogflow, Google Assistant and Android. She is the ambassador of women enterprenership day, Republic of Benin chapter. She is also consultant at International Francophone Organisation (OIF) Paris for Tech Innovation programs across Africa and North America.
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